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  • Collaboration opportunities:
    • Participate in needs assessments and research to help address current knowledge and care gaps in your area of interest or expertise
    • Contribute to ICPDHM working groups that address issues of national interest
    • Serve as a member of a Scientific Planning Committee for learning programs in your area of interest or expertise
    • Contribute to future planning and strategic direction of learning programs
  • Peer-to-peer exchange opportunities
  • Networking opportunities at special events and Annual General Meetings
  • Serve as a member of the ICPDHM Board of Directors


Member Responsibilities

  • Participate in the ICPDHM Annual General Meeting
    • Vote on the strategic direction of the ICPDHM
    • Vote for members of the Board of Directors
  • Contribute to research activities, including implementation science, quality improvement, and practice assessment initiatives
  • Contribute to peer-reviewed publications, with authorship recognition
  • Present data from ICPDHM research activities at national and international professional conferences and meetings and through other learning platforms


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