International Centre for Professional Development in Health and Medicine

Bridging gaps between knowledge and clinical practice

The Organization

A global leader in continuing medical education, publication development, and innovative clinical tools



Medical education leaders with expertise in learning strategy, project management, client relationships, knowledge transfer, and practice change



Advancing the Practice of Medicine and Improving Patient Outcomes

CPD Programs

Delivering the most clinically relevant, engaging, and fair-balanced educational activities for clinicians and allied healthcare professionals


Publication Support

Manuscript editing to achieve journal or scientific conference acceptance



From support for the development of clinical practice guidelines to effecting change at the point of care

Clinical Tools

Supporting knowledge transfer in clinical practice



Publishing outcomes of continuing professional development programs


Grant Writing

Secure CPD funding with an effective proposal


Certification Liaison

ICPDHM has trusted relationships with established and credible accrediting bodies in the USA, Canada, and Europe



A round-up of important resources for medical education professionals


Current CPD Activities

Access current online CPD programs


Improving Outcomes Through Education


View a cross-section of past projects including CPD, publications, and clinical tools


Therapeutic Expertise

A broad and deep knowledge base covering conditions and issues of interest to healthcare professionals around the globe